Besalú is a strategically located town, easily accessible from the rest of Spain and Europe, and the perfect base to access several centers of interest of Catalonia.

By plane: arriving to Girona (45 km away) or to Barcelona (150 km away).


By train: trains from all over Spain stop in Girona and / or Figueres. If you’re traveling from France, there is a train to Figueres.


By bus: the bus company Teisa takes you from Barcelona, Calle Pau Claris (1 h 45 min). There are also buses leaving from the Girona bus and train station (45 min) and from the Figueres bus station (30 min).


By car: on the A7 motorway. From Figueres (Exit 3) there are about 25 km and from Girona (Exit 6), 30 km. From Barcelona (Girona Exit 6) there are around 133 km.


 When you reach the village, past the traffic lights (there is only one), continue straight to the roundabout and then take the first turn to the left. Turn left again after passing a big modern gray building and continue to the end, where you will turn right, entering a boulevard lined with linden trees. You can park on the side of that road around 30 meters in. A little further down, you will find the street Carrer d'Olot (note: not to be confused with the “carretera” or road of Olot, which is a national road). The blue doorway is on the right, number 8.